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Temporary Repair and Fix for Infected AVTECH CCTV Equipment

Here are some observation for Faulty AVTECH CCTV DVR infected by the ELF IMEIJ  malware and their usability. There are also some tips and advises for temporary repair or fix the issues caused by the ELF IMEIJ malware so that you can regain temporary control and retrieve your CCTV recording from the infected DVR. 1. […]


IMPORTANT LAKSON had stop using AVTECH Equipment since 2015 and have currently no AVTECH system under warranty anymore. For customers on maintenance/subscription plan, their equipment had already been replaced by non AVTECH equipment since 2016. As we have no longer any customers using AVTECH equipment under warranty/maintenance/subscription and there’s no easy way to identify if […]

AVTECH Discontinued DVR/NVR Firmwares Download

Here are the download links to some of the AVTECH Discontinued DVR/NVR Firmwares. If you suspect that your device’s firmware had been infected by malware or had been hacked, you can download the firmware here and restore it. However, these firmwares still contain the vulnerabilities that enable the malware to infect them as AVTECH no […]