Remote Download of CCTV Footage (1 Cam 3 Hours)

$150.00 $80.00

Services to download the CCTV Footage remotely through internet

  • CCTV System must be connected to the internet vie Fibre Broadband
  • Minimum Upload Speed of 20Mbps (Use at the CCTV site to test for speed)
  • Strictly No Searching of Events
  • Footage will be download according to customer’s instructed period and camera.
  • Full Refund/Cancellation of Order allow if recording is not available or system is offline and remote backup is not possible.

Information Required

  • Site Name :
  • CCTV Hostname/Device Domain Name/URL :
  • CCTV Port :
  • Login UserID :
  • Login Password :
  • Camera Number to Backup :
  • Start Date/Time :
  • End Date/Time :

Footage will be send to customer vie

  • Unlisted YouTube Link – Only People with the direct link can view
  • A Download link to the download files valid for the next 72 hours.

Other Information

  • 1 Camera 3 Hour footage backup would be around 750MB to 5GB  in size depending on the Resolution and Quality of the recording.
  • Backup CCTV Footage downloading will take between 1 to 24 hours depends on connection speed
  • Backup CCTV Footage YouTube and Download Link will be sent to customer within 1 to 3 working days
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